What is C-bass?


1. A unique member of human species most commonly found Hesseville, Indiana who is known for it's natural hypnosis abilities that are activated upon speaking. Side effects of the hypnosis often include,1) Wanting C-Bass to dumb it down, 2) "C-Bass, you're fucking insane". or 3) "I Love You C-Bass, you crazy fuck"!

2. In regards to Definition 1; C-Bass also exhibits Much Clown Love, mother fucker. Thus, we are led to assume C-Bass also classifies under the Juggalo species.

(If you come in contact with C-Bass, receive Psycho-Logical advise from him, and offer it a cigarette, you'll get plenty from the creature upon further association.

C-Bass, is going crazy again, let's get him to chug another one.

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very scientific definition:


a type of ugly "sea bass" (fish). usually ginger in color, its scales are simply flaky spots of acne.

c-bass is known to be an antisocial species, and will hide away from humans if seen. rarely caught in fishing nets, it will bite its way out if caught in such a situation, with its ginger fangs.

swimming in the ocean, they often like to think of themselves as "surfing the net", since they like to go on the computer and look at pictures of other c-bass like them, which is a rare event for a c-bass, since it usually cowers away from seeing other individuals.

if kept in captivity, special precaution should be taken to ensure a c-bass does not see a mirror, or it will die.

renowned worldwide for their impressive ginger color, they are often mistaken for goldfish. however, close inspection will reveal the acne, which forms the basis of differentiation between the two species. fish-owners should not keep goldfish and c-bass in the same tank, as c-bass have been reported to rape the fish, as c-bass like fishy sex, and may often go to tesco's just to buy fish there for the purpose.

a c-bass's main diet consists of ginger-nut biscuits, ginger bread, and ginger beer. this should be fed in large doses, because c-bass need a lot of food to keep up their large weight.

care should be taken when handling inviduals, as they are known to bite. whilst the bite itself is notpoisonous, the c-bass is highly contaminated with acne, and uses it as a contagious defense against predators, and unless treated with "anti-cbass" before 24 hours, an acne outbirst may spread across the entire body, along with genital worts.

due to the antisocial habits of the c-bass, breeding is very difficult, and for this reason, we at HornyFish4U Ltd. do not recommend males and females (or males and males for gay c-bass, or females and females for rugmuncher-bass) be kept together, as they may even end up eating eachother.

"oi m8, ma fkin c-bass ate his sister the otha day"

in the words of a c-bass himself:

"it ent 'once youv had black, youll never go back', its 'once youve had c-bass, youll turn around and give him your ass' coz i is one sexy ginger-munch!"

in the words of another:

"ginger is the new black. fat is the new hot. and c-bass is your new fuckbuddy"

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