What is C-block?


Also know as Cock-block. Commonly found at Fraternity party. Person A is talking to hot drunk chick, when his friend Person B comes up, equally as drunk and embarasses person A, to the point where drunk hot chick no longer wants to give up the buns.

"Dude, you cheesehead bastard. Why are u bringing up my sexual ineptitude in public?!? I could have SCORED!"


1.To Cock Block your friend from talking to or fucking a girl.

2. Preventing someone from getting in a girls pants.

You are at a bar talking to a girl and your friend jumps between the two of you and starts talking to her.

Girls can C-Block guys too by preventing them from getting in their girlfriend pants. Usually by making them leave with them instead of you.

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one who is rebuffed by a woman, and then makes an ass out of everyone in his group so that none of his friends have a chance with her

she totally turned him down, and I though I had then had a chance with her until fucking tic-tic started c-blocking

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v. a euphemism for cockblock. used around people you don't want to say "cock" around

Man 1: Dude, don't be a c-blocker (nervous laugh).

Woman: What's that?

Man: Sorry! If you'll excuse me...


Colonie Street in Albany NY is also known as C-Block.

Where you live?

I live on C-Block.


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