What is C-blocker?


definition: a c-blocker is a guy that will do anything in his power to make sure you don't take home a girl.

At a house party; When you tell the girl "its kinda cold outside wanna go up to my room", he will sping into action and give her his jacket.

At a bar; you will be in the zone with a girl and she's clearly into you, all you have to say is "wanna head back my place" and it would be a done deal, thats when a c-blocker goes in for the kill, he will walk up to the bar between you and her and say "hey can i buy you a drink",

c-blockers can even be your best friend; you can tell your buddies how much you like this girl and they will tell you to go for her, but every time she is around your c-blocker friend will hit on her or make sure he takes the seat next to her where ever you go together, often he will get ahold of her phone number and invite her places without you. when you ask him what the deal is and why is he all over her all the time? he will say "what, she's my friend too and i don't even like her in that way, your acting paranoid".

often a c-blocker will never succeed in landing the girl, his job is to make it impossible for you to get her.

mike, brody, and james are the most common names of c-blockers so watch out you could be next!!!

friend 1: What happend with you and the girl last night at the party?

friend 2: every thing was going great, i was about to take her back to my place when this guy came up to us and asked me if i tested negative at the clinic.

friend 1: when did you go to the clinic?

friend 2: i didnt that guy was just a c-blocker making up stuff so she wouldn't go home with me. after that she thought i had some S.T.D. and would not even talk to me

See cock blocker, big c, bro


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