What is C-bomb?


The C-Bomb, similar to dropping the F-Bomb, is when you say "Cunt" in an inappropriate situation.

-Avg. Joe as he reacts to an unfortuanate happenstance- "AWWWW, Cunt!"

-Avg. Joe's Grandma within hearing distance-"(sound of crying)"


A term used to say that someone has used the word Cunt, without saying the word yourself.

The restaurant went silent after James dropped a highly audible C-Bomb.

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cunt; the ultimate derogatory word used for women

He was so pissed at her that he dropped the c-bomb - the weapon of last resort. After that all negotiations were off the table and retailiation was inevitable.

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Used to disguise the word cunt when out in public.

I couldn't take anymore of her yapp'n so I dropped the C-Bomb on her... she slapped me in the face and we haven't talked since. Works everytime.

See cunt, bitch, scank


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