What is C-bus?


One nickname for the city of Columbus, Ohio. Columbus is a city in central Ohio with a population of about 730,000 and a Metro population of around 1.84 million. Columbus is currently the 15th largest city and one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Home of the Ohio State Buckeyes who own everyone else. Columbus has a very vibrant skyline and downtown district as well as a plethora of new shopping malls and attractions. Columbus is the best city in the midwest, take that Chicago, Pittsburgh, Louisville, and Detroit. We all know whose packing the real heat, its the C-Bus.

Don't mess with C-Bus, it'll own you all over the place. <3 Columbus, Ohio

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Columbus, ohio - local slang.

Gonna catch a concert in c-bus tonight.

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Columbus, Ohio

We be in da C-Bus tonight.


Referring to Columbus, Ohio.

I heard the mung} was good in the C-Bus

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Columbus, Ohio: The most miserable, pathetic turd of a city ever shat into existence.

You: "You know what's good to do in c-bus?"

Friend: "Pack up and get the fuck out!"

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