What is Cbw?


Originating in Illinois between a group of pot head friends. CBW is Casual Blunt Wednesday. (the B can be interchanged with other words such as bowl, bong, bud, & ect.)

person 1:yo dude, its CBW. you celebratin??

person 2:hells yeah son. you want me to get that blunt still??

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Stands For (Chaotic Backyard Wrestling)The Best, Most Awsome Wrestling Ever Created, Usually Had Matches Between Chad And Dan and Was Filmed By Aaron. They Used Lighttubes,Barbedwire, Glass, Staplers and Jumped Off Ladders.

Ex 1:

Aaron: "are You Going To The CBW Event Tomorrow?"

Ben: "Hell Ya"

Ex: 2

"CBW FTW!!!!!"-Nyah from JTV

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Some stupid acronym made up by people that watch too much Jerry Springer, on par with "you go girl-friend" or "talk to the hand".

Uh, he was in SUCH a CBM! What-ever!


the mode of a man who reaches fits of rage when his girlfriend even speaks to another male or even mentions another male. this mode often involves asking about every unfamiliar phone number on his girlfriend's cell, checking her email without her consent, following her when she goes out for the night, and will make sure that he knows where she is and who she is with at all times. thi mode is a nightmare for his girlfriend's friends as they will tell her to break up with him constantly

he's in CBM again and he won't quit calling.

See troy


A pissed off male, usually by the woman he is romatically involved with, who is about to let the world know that he is pissed off.

Girl, I think I am going to call the police this man is outside screamin' and hollerin'. I think he has a gun too. He is in CBM

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