What is Ceeg?


ceeg /see-jh/


1. A X-Box 360 fanboy that loves bad FPSs

2. A young internet user categorized by stupidity

3. Excrement

–verb (used with object) pulling a ceeg

1. the act of doing something looked down upon by most in society.

2. to screw up in an embarrassing fashion

3. to capitalize incorrect words

noun usage:

1. Man, Ceeg is such a Perfect Dark Zero whore.

2. Ceeg's post on the board was absolutely retarded.

3. I just took a fat Ceeg.

verb usage:

1. George Bush is pulling a ceeg with this war.

2. When Tommy peed his pants, he was pulling a ceeg.

3. "Hey guys Who here loves Perfect dark?"

See ceeg, nerdfag


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