What is Celestial_thunderbolt?


Also see Fascist_tyrant and/or feudal_juggernaut and/or road_warrior_davy

In the year 1999 Yahoo! chat was revolutionized by a man known by many names; Taran, Ba'al, Aiden, Cyril, many more, and foremost, Davy. Through the golden age of Yahoo! (1999-2001) through the fall of the Metal:1 empire (late 2003) "Davy" or "Thundersteel Von Battletrance" oppressed the peoples of Yahoo! Metal rooms 1-4 with an iron fist. Using ingenius stealth name tactics in his early operations to scout attack and loot a room of up to 40 regs (sometimes with no more than 3 Loyalists), Davy's regime grew in power until expansionism forces held territories in Black Metal/Abusing Females:1, Music chat, Punk chat, The Guitar room network and Jewish Teens:1. The end came when the 3rd wave of Indian fat women launched an allied advance on Metal:1 (previously thought untouchable) with the support of Metal Daze, Metal Teers, Wicked Clownz, various other barbarian outlanders, and the native Metal:1 peasant class uprising. The Regime had exiled these forces seperately before but together the sheer mass of low quality numbers could not be held off even by the most dominant empire in Yahoo! chat history. The stronghold was lost. The dreams of many shattered.

The Aftermath.

With Metal:1 (the Rome of the Davyan Empire) in ruins, outside territories took advtantage of the comminication blockade and rebelled against the high warrior castes. A bounty on his head and no kingdom left to rule, Road_Warrior_Davy looked to new ally Real_men_have_action_mullets for refuge in his small but concentrated and loyal kingdom, Punk 'n ska 'n thrash:1. Like all things, the Kingdom of Punk room 1 did not last as a bug in yahoo directed "n00bs" into the room locking out its own ruling order. A prison camp-like outpost, Punk 'n Ska 'n thrash:2 was occupied and remains the stronghold of Davy and Cid to this day (January 2005). Plans to re-occupy both Punk room 1 and Metal room 1 have been rumored as of late but with the "n00b" bug still around the future for one of the greatest heros in Yahoo! lore is uncertain.


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