What is Ceviche?


Ceviche is a very nice dish made in south america.

The origin of ceviche is dated in the peruvian colony during the spanish expansion,

some ingredients are from other countries, but it was cooked in Peru, then it started expanding to Ecuador, Colombia, Ecuador, etc.

There is no documents that say that ceviche was made in other country but peruvians invented many other types of ceviche, so, ceviche is peruvian.

Hope you try ceviche in Peru.

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A delicious, tangy, citric, juicy, incredibly fresh tasting Ecuadorian cocktail dish made from the freshest seafood catch of the day. It originates from the beautiful coasts of Ecuador where one can catch a wide variety of delicious seafood used in this dish such as various fish, shrimps, octupus, clams, etc. It is eaten all over the coast especially in Santiago de Guayaquil, Manta, and Esmeraldas. Ceviche is also popular in other countries such as Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, and Panama,

If you want to eat the best seafood go to Ecuador and you'll fall in love with ceviche. Ecuadorian ceviche is the best!

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A disgusting fish dish that tastes like something you would find in shark bait.

Do you want ceviche for dinner?

Hell no, do i look like a shark?

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