What is Chaach?


A chaach is an American slang term used to describe a male that has several characteristics. The chaach is a male that superficial women tend to fall for. The chaach usually wears the "in" cloths (ie: pre-ripped pants, abercrombie and fitch gear) or is made to wear them by his woman. The chaach is not a very smart or motivated individual but often scrapes by in school. The chaach will drink very low end beer and liquor. There are many other ways to describe "the chaach" but the best way to sum it all up is: A chaach is a sheep who is at the head of the pop culture herd and reaps those worthless benefits in vain.

My Chemistry class is an interesting mix of chaach and nerd.

My roommate is a chaach.

She loves the chaach in him!

See chaach, choch, chooch, chatch, chachy


A extreme power - tool. Always a derogatory term, a chaach usually listens to boring music and whines about not having a woman. He most likely will be high on Marijuana, pretending to know something about music.

Stafford R. Brooke IV


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