What is Chaqueta?


means "jacket" like leather jacket.

also means "jerk off" "jack off" "masturbate" "hacer la paja"


He looks sexy in his Dad's leather jacket.

El se ve sexy con la chaqueta de cuero de su papa.

I want to cum on his Dad's leather jacket.

Quiero tirar la leche en la chaqueta de cuero de su papa.

"jerk off..."

He looks so sexy in his leather jacket, that it makes me want to jerk off.

El se ve tan sexy en su chaqueta de cuero que me da ganas de hacerme una chaqueta.

I want to jerk off on my dad's leather jacket later.

Quiero hacerme una chaqueta con la chaqueta de cuero de mi papa mas tarde.

See chaqueta, saco, jacket, coat


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