Cheerleader On It

What is Cheerleader On It?


"Going cheerleader on it". This phrase has several uses.

1. When a chick is riding your rod and she starts really bouncing and moaning and going nuts- she is "going cheerleader on it"

2. When a chick is devouring you with her oral skills, appyling good amounts of spit and giving it her all- she is "going cheerleader on it".

3. When someone gets all into something and starts running off at the mouth about it- they are going cheerleader on it.

Damn, last night I took this girl home from the bar and she went cheerleader all over it.

Man, see that chick, I'd like to lay back and let her go cheerleader on it.

Were you in that meeting Bob? Did you hear Mike get all excited about the new expansion plan? Man was he going cheerleader on that shit.

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