Cheese Off

What is Cheese Off?


Phrase meaning annoy used often by Bart Simpson.

BART: Hi, guys. What's up?

JIMBO: We were just saying we'd love to meet the guy who cut off the head of that statue.

BART: What? But--but yesterday didn't you say it would be cool to cut off the head, and really cheese off everybody?

KEARNY: Yeah, that was just cloud talk, man.

See annoy, perturb, piss off, aggravate, irritate


to copy or emulate something in a way that suggests originality or in which the copier benefits from the creativity or work of another, especially when the copy is considered lame; further appropriate when the original is considered lame.

Martha Stewart cheesed off of Donald Trump's "Apprentice" with her short-lived series of a similar name. ("cheesed off" is the past tense of "cheese off")

See disparaging, cheese, lame, copy


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