Chevrolet Prizm

What is Chevrolet Prizm?


A car otherwise seen as a Toyota Corolla, but with Chevrolet's bowtie badge on it. Prizms, made by Toyotafor Chevrolet, were no longer produced after the year of 2002. The car is entirely made by Toyota except for some minor interior design done by Chevrolet. 2002 Toyota Corollas and Chevy Prizms are equipped with a 4-cylinder, approximetly 125 Hp, 16 Valve VVT-iengine. A Varible Valve Timing Intelligent engine, seen in some of today's newer and more popular vehicles.

I myself own a Chevrolet Prizm, and yes I get a lot of crap from my friends for owning a "notta real Chevy" but it is a very reliable car. And I give Chevy credit because they noticed that Toyota had a reliable car (Corolla) that they could put their name on and sell for less. But for a Corolla my car really boots for what it is, and I've raced cars in my own class and have come out the winner. Chevy Prizms are not bad cars.

Dave: "Look at that car."

Nick: "Yeah, it's a Toyota Corolla."

Dave: "It's a Chevrolet Prizm."

Nick: "Same thing.."

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