What is Chiefed?


after a person passes out at a party, take a marker pen and write all over their face.

after drinking too much, jason passed out and his friends chiefed him.

See morgan


to be stoned and out of it

jon:dude u chiefed

tony:dude im chiefed ever day

See cody


To be thouroughly intoxicated (i.e. stoned) with marijuana or a related product.

"I took a full hit of the gravity bong and was totally chiefed after that."


to become drunk and passout. while passed out someone takes a marker and scribbles stuff on your face

Guy1: Dude look at your face its totally chiefed!

Guy2: Aww man I should'nt have drunken so much!

See screwed


To steal/take something off of someone else. Popular in Pittsburgh.

1- "Who in the hell took my chair?"

2- "Dude, I totally chiefed it."

See steal, take, borrow, swipe, snatch


any given space such as a car interior or bedroom that is so full of smoke there is a thick haze and significant odor throughout the room

"Last night we rolled two blunts and chiefed out my Cadillac."

See j-dog


The intentional rubbing of human fecal material under the nose of an unsuspecting victim.

I ran my forefinger under his nose, and chiefed him.

See Frank


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