Chocolate Milk

What is Chocolate Milk?


the semen of a black guy

girl one: what did you do last night?

girl two: i swallowed some chocolate milk, and now my knee isn't working.

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When you mix milk and chocolate sauce or powder (but we all prefer the hersheys sauce) and then you stir it up and its yummyier than regular milk

not long ago i made a nice glass of chocolate milk and took the pills for my sinus infection... no joke


Best drink in the World. Why? No reasons. It just is.

Gimme some of that Chocolate Milk will ya'?

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The ultimate beverage.

I consumed two gallons of chocolate milk today.

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milk flavored with chocolate syrup or powdered chocolate otherwise known as the cool black kid in the white group

Look at jimi hendrix (chocolate milk) taking thoses bong hits with Cheech and Chong (milk)

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A fluid produced by female mammals (though primarily associated with the cow) and mixed with either a flavored powder or fluid to create a divine, chocolately drink. When stored in a sealed bottle, it is known to burst when said bottle is struck against a solid object.

Don't hit anyone with that bottle of chocolate milk, 'Nettie. It might stain and/or explode all over the preps.

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1: the sexual practise of administering a milk enema, which is then sprayed directly from the recipients anus into the mouth of a sexual partner, either to be consumed or spat out.

2: milk that is flavoured with some kind of chocolate, to provide a chocolatey taste.

It is to be observed that confusion between which sense of the phrase is being used can lead to major social difficulties, and that the likelyhood of which sense is meant should be deduced based on the circumstances and user(s) at the time of utterance.

'Hey baby, i know it's a bit unusual, but i fancy some chocolate milk right about now. What do you say?'.

-first meaning

'I'm just gonna pop down to the kitchen to get some chocolate milk'.

-second meaning

'Hey mum, this is my new girlfriend, Ashley. Could you get us some chocolate milk?'.

~mother returns from kitchen~

'Hm, this tastes a bit weird, but thanks for heating it up'.

-the disgusting result of confusion between meanings

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