What is Church?


1. a place of worship.

2. slang term used to describe a house of ill repute or a titty barwhen speaking in the presence of women.

3. used to express agreement, to replace amen!

4. slang for good bye, similar to peace.

1. I go to church every Sunday.

2. I go to church every Wednesday on my lunch hour.

3. I hear that, Church!

4. Well, I'm out, Church!

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Strongly Agree, as if it were law.

Player 1: "Look at the junk in her trunk, I'd tap that ass"

Player 2: "Church!"


similar to a mental hospital, but with less physical restraints

"the crazy child molestor was sentenced to 12 years in church"

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Church accaully means a group of people that follow god.

Jesus never mentioned the church as a building in the bible.

"Man I love the church, they've helped me out heaps!"

"Yeah, the church is helping out the homeless people this week"


The best cure for insomnia.

Can't sleep? Go to church.

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A group of people, called and chosen by Jesus Christ to be a representation of him in the earth. This word is often mistaken to mean the building or facility in which people meet to talk about God.

And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy. Colossians 1:18, NIV.

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Act of saying goodbye or agreeing to something.

1st person - I'll meet you fools after the game at the G-man!

2nd person - Aight CHURCH! (making offical by forming a "C" with your right hand.

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