What is Civilian?


An everyday, unknown face. A civilian is the person infront of you who is obeying the speed limit. A civilian is the fellow at the pizza joint who is looking at you and your friends like you're in the middle of a cocaine deal. A civilian is a person at a party who nobody except like 2 people know, and they may or may not be cock blocking. You can love em or hate em, but you can never get rid of civilians.

I walked into the basketball game, and all the civilians on the bleachers were looking at me because I was in my dress blue uniform.

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An individual that is in no way affiliated with or has participated in activities involving sex for money. These activities include but are not limited to: pornography, incalls, outcalls, dances that start at $200.00 to get through the door, the Russian language, whore'in up, massages with happy endings, escorts, donut holin', strawberry slurpyz, or have ever transacted with a pimp.

Mickey and JB had not seen each other for the length of a typical bender. The question of new pie arose. JB was not impressed by the news that Mickey was in a three way that ended in a dirty sanchez until he became aware they were all cilivians.


Someone who has never been part of the armed forces and is therefore ignorant of what the right thing to do is when under dangerous conditions.


Civilians run away and/or start screaming

All non-civilians go for nearest cover and assess situation (enemy direction, escape routes, usable weapons, enemy armament and their chances of taking down the target)

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the name for students who are not athletes.

I can't wait for our season to end so I can be a civilian for a month!

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