What is C-lai?


Pronounced "see-lai".

A middle to upper age woman of usually Chinese descent, who has several/all of the following distinctions from regular people:

1. Doesn't have a job, or works in some menial position like housekeeping. Husband brings home the dough.

2. Drives a BMW 7-series, X5, or Mercedes-Benz SL, GL, or ML.

3. Drives 40 km/h down the road, even when everyone is going 60-70.

4. Wears full-length (extending up to elbow) driving gloves on both hands and a welding mask for the face, and for fear of getting skin spots.

5. Puts the driver's seat in the farthest position forward, with the seatback vertical, and still doesn't use the seatback. (ie leans forward, so face is inches from the steering wheel)

6. Hits other cars when parking, and is completely oblivious that she just ran over the hood of the lowered Civic next to her parking spot. Also parks on the lines so that neighbouring drivers cannot even get into their cars.

7. Only goes between the supermarket, home, and the homes of other C-lais to play mah jong.

8. Never smiles, as that creates wrinkles.

I freaked out after seeing the C-lai in the SUV next to me and rear-ended the car in front.

That C-lai dinged my car! wtf

See suv, welding mask, mah jong


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