Clammy Mcstevens

What is Clammy Mcstevens?


This is a term used to a being whos hands are clammy but no moisture. When clammy your hands tend to feel like a smooth rubbery surface. McStevens is used to indicate a name. Plus it has a nice sound to it. So when called Clammy McStevens let it be known your hands are clammy. Remember this is not like Shlaggin Shaginsins Disease. because thats when there is exsesive amounts of moisture and sweating perfusely of the palms. Don't get the two confused.

Little Joe was walking down the street. Little did little joe notice Big Rob walking his way. Big Rob said "hello kind sir" They shook eachothers hands. Little Joe gave Big Rob a stare of confusion and ran down the street calling Big Rob Clammy Mcstevens...

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