What is Clancy?


The act of lying about an injury in order to get an otherwise unattainable parking spot. This is often characterized by poorly feigned limping and the use of a crutch. The end result looks more like Tiny Tim with a drinking problem.

I thought that chick was really hurt when I saw her with the crutch, but it turns out she was just pulling a Clancy. Five minutes after she limped away from her handicapped spot, she was tearing out of the stable on horseback with a 40 in each hand.

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A lot man that thinks he is the GM of an Auto Dealership.

This Clancy thinks he runs the place.

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An racial slur for an irish person that is white. calling someone a clancy will probably get you put on your back.

1.You fuckin clancy piece of shit! your all the same you potatoe eatin vaginas!

2. dont talk to that dude man, he's a real clance.

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An Adjective used to describe video games that have similar style and gameplay to the Tom Clancy series.

Can also be used to describe something that is just pure awesome. Opposite of Bungle.

Person 1 - Whoa nice game

Person 2 - Yeah, its totally clancy

Person 1 - True

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