What is Clitical?


a female masterbation website, clitical dot com, that encourages everyone to learn more about the female body and how to make it work for YOU.

Can also be used as adjective such as 'get clitical' which means you need to learn something about a woman's body.

I dated Joey, but he needs to get clitical before he tries to get someone else in bed. He is all show, and no pony, if you know what I mean. He acts like he knows what a woman is, but he surely couldn't find the important bits on MY body!

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A place that every man or woman should go to, it will turn you into a sex god if you read enough of it. Even if you're sexually ignorant, inexperienced, good, however good you may be, it will make you better.

Tommy couldn't even get his girlfriend off and they did it once a month, then he went to clitical, and now she's screaming his name every night.

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