Coal Burner

What is Coal Burner?


A white girl who is doing a black dude.

Shes a coal burner.

You're surprised?

Arent you?


White girls that only fuck black guys. Derived from a locomotive engine. She has to have black coal shoveled into her constantly to keep her hot!

"That babydoll Darla is a straight-up Coal Burner! "

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A rich blonde yuppie who only goes to clubs that play black music so she can find the perfect brother to piss her dad off with.

That girl from the O.C. is a major league coal burner.


A white woman who only has sex with black men.

Kim Kardashian is a coal burner. So was Nicole Brown Simpson ( R.I.P ) or any other non african american woman who only has sex with black men.

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a white girl who dresses black, acts black, and sometimes "thinks" shes black and only fucks black guys because in her mind, she's "black"

Heidi Henderson and Lindsey Gladstone



See the movie FREEWAY(1996) with my girl Reese Witherspoon and with Keifer Sutherland and Brooke Shields for the appropriate use of this word.

THAT GIRL IS A REAL COAL BURNER she loves the black cock

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Someone or something that burns coal.

The locomotive was a coal burner, giving it the awesome power of eighteen mighty horses.


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