What is Cobes?


A largely unitelligable southeast asian language based primarily apon indonesian and the cuban dilect.

Originaing from the spanish mission in Indonesia, later after the cuban revelution was seized by the cuban government and turned into an embassy.

Since then the cuban infulence has been incorperated into indonesian, resulting in the local launguage of cobes

A friend of mine was speaking cobes, but to every one but him it was incoprehensible


dude, LAWMAN, ur the one wit the airsoft guns so don't be frontin', yo

Cobes, I get it. Like, its easier to say that the actual name and like, it sounds similar, so like people know what you're talking about, man.


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Wow, cobes is a sac of douche, isnt he?


The Hottest mutha fukin guy around who aint afraid to bust a cap in that white panzi ass! YEH NOW U KNOW ME BITCH!

O shit Cobes is gonna bust a cap in my ass 2nite!


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