Cole Hancock

What is Cole Hancock?


I think it is funny how people don't know what the fuck they are talkin about. Not every rumor that goes around is actually true. There is no shower ring, and no haley and cole fuckin. So people, grow up, and don't be pieces of shit that hear rumors then go online bout them, save that shit for middleschoolers.

People, shut the fuck up.


Who ever the fuck "franky" is needs to pray to God that he never runs into me or else i'll skull fuck the dumb kike untill his skull explodes.

If i was franky i would definately stay the fuck away from Cole Hancock


People- can we please grow up by now? I think this Urban Dictionary thing is going too far. At first it was a cat fight, now every one in school is getting hit with this. Why can't everyone just back off of peoples biz. And when you hear something about someone, keep it to yourself, you don't look any cooler when you are gossiping.

I think it is dumb that another thing has to be written on here because so many more people have been put on here.


The notorious leader of the shower ring. Fucked Haley into positions she never knew. Cheats on Jen Brad everyweekend, but is too dumb to just break it off with the dumb bitch. Trust me buddy, you don't need the ugly bitch, you got Haley now.

Cole, drop Jen, go for the bitch that gets around and lend her to a friend.

See Franky


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