Colgate University

What is Colgate University?


One of the top liberal arts colleges in the nation, Colgate University is home to some of the brightest and best young men and women, who hail from a variety of states and countries. Colgate, or 'Gate, as it is affectionately called by the student body, sports Division 1 athletic teams and a famously lively party scene. It has very little affiliation with the toothpaste brand, and anyone who makes what he or she thinks is a witty and original quip regarding the shared name should light his or her self on fire and jump out of a window for being so mindless...and go back to Hamilton College, the ugly cousin of Colgate.

"So, where are you going to college?"

"Colgate University."

"Oh, I didn't know you were so interested in toothpaste! Do you want to be a dentist?"

"Oh, that's really original you dumb shit. Excuse me while I graduate from one of the best schools in the country. Why don't you go back to Bucknell, get drunk, and fuck your sister. Asshole. Oh yeah, and Cornell can suck my dick."

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Official safety school of Bucknell University

Colgate University is home to kids like "Colgate Raiders" who spent 45 minutes writing and editing his UD entry which bashed schools that are better than Colgate and he clearly couldn't get into...he also has a baby penis and 3 friends.

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