What is Compulsive Reloading Syndrome?


A Syndrome which involves the Constant Reloading of a Gun due to the annoyance of not having a full magazine or the lack of self realization that makes them think that they are too good to not have a full magazine. This syndrome is also caused by the false sense of security that a person has that allows them to think they can reload even though they just end up getting killed. This Syndrome is most commonly found in FPS such as Halo,CoD, or KZ.This syndrome is also abbreviated as C.R.S.

" OMG, I just got killed again from reloading".-Fred

"HAHA you have C.R.S.".-Bill

"Ya, I do have Compulsive Reloading Syndrome"

See clips, guns, magazines, call of duty 4, halo 3, killzone 2


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