Conan The Barbarian

What is Conan The Barbarian?


The hero of a series of short stories, novellas and one novel by pulp fiction author Robert E. Howard (1906-1936). Conan is a wandering swordsman whose travels take him into improbable adventures with scheming wizards and lusty wenches. The stories take place on Earth, in pre-Atlantean times. These stories pretty much gave birth to the term sword and sorcery for a certain kind of fantasy tale. Learn more about Howard at rehoward.

"I was born in the Cimmerian hills where the people are all barbarians. I have been a mercenary soldier, a corsair, a kozak, and a hundred other things. What king has roamed the countries, fought the battles, loved the women, and won the plunder that I have?"


A sexual role playing scenerio in which you play Conan the barbian and your partner plays America, and in quick fashion you "conquer" her.

1) Conan the Barbarian is my favourite game to play.

See barbarian, sex, role, play, role play


A barbarian that took one too many steroids, and goes around the world taking people's skins for his personal stash toe ones.

Barbarian woMAN: Would you have sex with me Conan?

Conan: Only under one condition.

Barbarian woMAN: What would that be?

Conan: We would first have to create a baby and use his/her skins for my top hat or shoes. Then I would have to skin you for my coat.



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