Concept Albums

What is Concept Albums?


Concept albums are albums that are written with a specific storyline or plot in mind. All the songs follow a consistent theme, story, plot, or character. These albums are often epic and tell the story of one or more characters, usually fictional but can also be factual. The story can also be based on facts but has fictional characters. For example, the album "Vinland Saga" (Leaves' Eyes), is a concept album based upon the true events of the Vikings of Norway, commonly referred to as the Norse. However, the characters in it are of the lyricist's imagination entirely.

Concept albums have been known to be present more commonly in the metal genre, but they can be of any genre, as long as they meet the definition of a concept album.

Examples of concept albums:

- Lovelorn, by Leaves' Eyes

- Vinland Saga, by Leaves' Eyes

- The Black Parade, My Chemical Romance

See epic, epic metal


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