Concert Rules

What is Concert Rules?


Ten rules for going to a concert whether it be at a local to a semi bigger show to a freaking mega show in an arena or something. True fact is that everyone has broken one of these rules

1) Never wear the shirt of any band that is playing that night whether it be there current band or any of the members old band.

2) Always wear DEODERANT!

3) Girls never dance unless your willing to get hurt.

4) If your under 12 do not attent.

5) Wear your belt tight. No one wants to see your chonies

6) Do not sing the harmonies with the PA system between band sets.

7) Do not bring your parents.

8) Do not talk to the bands while they are setting up. You have enough time after the show to do so. They are not going anywhere.

9)Do not sing louder then the band


(Kid is wearing an Underoath shirt to an Underoath show!)

You:"Dude! You are breaking Concert Rule #1!"

Kid: I didnt know there was such thing as concert rules!

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