What is Confusis?


An internet nickname.

Also a mistake in spelling Confucious the chinese philosopher, usually while quoting something 'written' by confucious. Usually the 'quote' was never written by confucious, just a stupid fake.

Wrong: Confusis say 'He who stand on toilet is high on pot' or similar.

Right: I was talking to Confusis on msn last night.


non existant being who if you are looking for the proper meaning of you would've spelt it confucious. you are obviously the biggest idiot in the universe then, and one day i will hunt you down and murder you with a button. "because he who spell confucious wrong is obviously a little tard with no intelligence whatsoever........ now leave this site and never return you everybody loves raymondlover...

confusis is really spelt confucious dickhead

See specky


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