What is Connerotic Asphyxiation?


*noun* pronounced: con-er-rot-ic ass-fik-see-ay-shun

01. Dying of suffocation from banging a fat chick.

02. (Medical) - Chemicals such as carbon monoxide that

prevent the blood from carrying sufficient oxygen to the brain and other organs causing oxygen starvation of tissues leading to death as a result of performing sexual intercourse with a morbidly obese female.

1.Milo: “Did you hear what happened to Jay the other day?”

Papa Tony: “Naw what happened?”

Milo: “He was eating out a fat chick and her gunt enclosed in on him…he died of Connerotic Asphyxiation.”

2. Kerp:(Text message): "I got this text From Conner last night - ‘I had a chance to have a three some the other day. I couldn't because I'm dating someone"

Caesar:(Text message): “We should be happy for him, surely he would’ve died from Connerotic Asphyxiation from those two fat chicks.”

See fat, bitches, big, titties, small penis


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