What is Corcoran?


an awesomely cool kick ass man. that do to though no homo. but mano. the cool dank dank awesome shit. and need not have red hair.

holy shit, that guy is a corcoran

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1. An Irish surname, related to O'Corcoran, McCorcoran, and Corcrain, derived from the Gaelic "Corcra" meaning a purple or ruddy complexion.

2. A generic term for a bacterial STD(i.e. one you can "wash off") and/or a yet-undiscovered STD.

1. "Corcoran is his last name. Must be Irish."

2. "Dude, I think I have Corcoran. It burns when I pee - and there's a lot of itching."

See purple, ruddy, disease, std, itching


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