Cotton Candy

What is Cotton Candy?


Pussy; the cotton being the hair, and the candy being the pink hole and surrounding pink areas.

Juggalo A: Did she shave the cotton off?

Juggalo B: Hell yeah dog, straight candy.


pussy, usually said by juggalos/lettes

Cotton Candy and Popsicles!



1) Spun sugar that results in a whispy confectionery, typically merchandised in a see-thru plastic bag, or on a paper cone.

2) When a man or woman's pubic hair has a sweet taste and aroma from their body soap.

Clown: "Would you like a taste of COTTON CANDY from my bag, little boy?"

Dad: "Hey, fuck you faggot, get your sick sugar-dick outta here."


Tim: "I muff-dived into Sheila's pussy last night and munched on that shit like it was COTTON CANDY."

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pink nipples, white girl vag, and white women in general. may also refer to how white women's private parts taste like cotton candy

Steve: Yo, you ever hooked up with a white girl?

Eddie: Hell yea, I tasted the cotton candy.

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A strain of marijuana of Afghani heritage.

That Hawaiian x Cotton Candy cross really blew my mind!


A code word for a really hot girl.

Cotton candy at 2:00.

Woah, nice...

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slang or crew term for Oxycontin.

Hey, fool. Do you happen to have acquired any of that oh so lovely "cotton candy?"

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