What is Cp?


Is an acronym for child porn.

Gary Glitter was arrested for possession of cp.


Child Porn


Command Post from the star wars battlefront games


"why don't you have a seat over there..."

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1) Child Pornography.

2) In loose terms: Photography or any form of imagery which features children in compromising positions or in positions which could be interpreted as sexual by the mind of the viewer.

3) Any photograph in the Internet of a child under 12 years of age or younger.

4) Not to be confused with jb (jail bait).

-"Is that a cp folder in your computer?!!!"

-"Hell no, that's my baby sister's birthday party."

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Captain Picard

Etymology: The first known usage of CP as Captain Picard was on the ubercore forum, "The Evolution of the Swan".

"Get that CP outta here!"

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When a girl under the age of 18 decides to perform fellatio on a man, while letting the man film it and take pictures, then the man posts it, then it results in the man being arrested for possession and production of CP.

John: Man did you watch the vid of my daughter's friend's sister's classmate's mother's niece suck on my tool on teh internets???


John: Did you???

Bob: No, that's CP dude.

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Originating in Tottenham (Dodge), Ont. Canada, refers to a Cable Piece taken from the end of a television cable and used in a bong (cp bottle), usually home made, to smoke marijuana. Recognized by HIGH TIMES in 1997, its major benefit is its efficiency. Often abbreviated to P.

Lets hit a CP.

Lets hit a P.

Pack a/the P.

Dodge Dweller1: Dude, want to hit some CPs?

Dodge Dweller2: Of course.

Dodge Dweller3: You want to blaze?

Dodge Dweller4: If you've got a pen I've got a CP.

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Otherwise known as a Clownpussy. Refers to Redheaded females. Also referred to as Firecrotch.

"Dude, look at the ginger over there."

"I know I would totally nail that CP."

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