What is Crevice?


Another word for vagina.

Can also be used to describe a friend's anatomy that rarely gets laid.

It's been so long for Tara her crevice is starting to rot.

Is that smell coming from your crevice?


Crevice is that spot that is between every thing, usually surrounded by other layers or obstacles.

deep down in the Crevice i found a penny.


i just ratted out the bag of chips right in the Crevice.


meet me in the Crevice of the car park.


so many Crevice, not enough space to flex out.

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The crack of the arse.

Dude! pull up your pants, I can see your crevice! And it's vile!

See arsecrack, asscrack, crack, crease, bottom


Collective noun used in conjunction with builders and other manual labourers whose pants are gravitationally challenged.

A crevice of builders.

See crevice, collection, crack, arse


a place that you tend to slip into once you've engaged yourself in some marijuana usage.

a place in the couch that your body fits perfectly in.

when you finally settle and get comfortable.

"dude, get out of the crevice!"

stoner#1: "hit this bowl man"

stoner#2: "nah man, i'm already in the crevice!"

"everytime i get high some how i find myself in the crevice!"

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that annoying part of the crotch in between your ballsack and your thigh, situated above your gooch. it's a pain in the ass to itch.

Mark's crevice was itchy, so he got Suzy to scratch it for it.

See gooch, balls, ballsack, tuberculosis


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