Crew Cut

What is Crew Cut?


a hairdo buzzed close to the scalp. Also called a G.I. or buzz cut.

Variations include the '50s flattop.

He had head lice so often as a kid that he just kept the crew cut done his mom started.


A flat top buzzed hair cut.

"Now, Johnny Unitas ... there's a haircut you could set your watch to."

- Abraham Simpson

See Shrike


a haircut that's 1 inch or less away from the scalp.

one variation is an all around cut which gives a round look. the other refered to as a buzz cut gives a flat top look with shaven sides.

Mr. Pimples: hey i think crew cuts are ugly and for gay men

Mr.crew cut: hey, i think long hair stinks when you sweat especially pimple faced teenagers.

Mr. Pimples: I think you're a....bad guy

Mr. crew cut: exactly...


a shaven hair cut

i think guys with crew cuts look gay

See unknown


A mullet without the tail...

Dude got his mullet caught in the zamboni, now all he has a crew cut.

See Homer


what preppies and rich kids have.

preps with crew cuts look like 5 year old pussies

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