What is Croswell?


A podunk town loaded with pig farmers, beet factory shit, pot smoking zombies, and Texicans looking for work in farm fields now picked clean by machines.

Is a used to be town that is now the armpit of the thumb.

Well loved by it's mutant inhabitants, however.

Need a podunk day trip? Then hop into your Michigan mud runner and head for a day of warped glee in Croswell, Michigan. You may stay there and inhale the pot-shit air that belches all day.

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A little town in the middle of nowhere full of hicks and Mexicans. There are your occasional Arabs and towelheads.

Some great sights are the "famous" Swinging Bridge.

If you're looking for a great restaurant I would advise going elsewhere, or else the local McDonalds is open!

Looking for a place to shop? What a joke.

The best part of Croswell is probably the beach, a whole town over.

Everyone knows everyone's business, who got knocked up, who went to jail, who the baby daddy is, who got suspended for bringing drugs to school, the works.

If you were planning on moving to Croswell, has this changed your mind at all?

Girl: HEY! Did you hear about Alyssa?

Boy: Yea, Jake knocked her up at that party last week!

Girl: Honestly, it's Croswell, who doesn't know?

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A small town in the thumb of Michigan that smells like shit due to a pickle and sugar beet factory pumping horrible smelling pollution into the air. Croswell hot spots are the Mc Donald’s and the "Famous" swinging bridge. The area is completely populated with redneck low lives, illegal immigrants, and under achievers who will never more than likely travel more than twenty miles away. Croswell is the alleged home of the giant Meneghin.

"Lets go walk across a shitty ass bridge and breath the fowlest air ever, and learn spanish durning our next vaction in Croswell

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Shit hole town in the sticks of Michigan with a population nearing 2000. Very well known for potheads, drunks, alcoholics, drugs, and teen pregnancy. Becoming locked into the mysterious ways of the towns functioning, one will find it near impossible to escape it's grasp on your social life.

I went to Croswell last weekend to smoke lots of grass and get wasted.

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