What is Crunck?


Getting High And Drunk At The Same Time.

Ey yo we got so CRUNCK last night.

See Big J


down south version of banging or awesome

That party was crunck.


a mix of crazy and drunck

we was hellla crunck last night

See hyphie, drunck, crazy, stupid


gettin sooo wasted that you think that it would be a cool idea to kill someone....but then you realize that your just an idiot!

Idiot: Dude i totally killed some bitch last night, it was so crunck.

Non-Idiot: What are you and idiot?!

See corn, butt, jerk, cornhole, jube


Its when u git relly crazzie. U no u crunck. Wen u go into da prty and just show off and have a good time.

Lil Jon and da Eastside Boiz got crunck i da club!!!


messed up, screwed up, awkwardness

What the crunk?

That's crunked up?

See Maximus Prime


Beating the shit outta someone that's from Vancover (mainly cause he's asian) used mainly by gangsta's in Winnipeg.

yo get da mofo straight outta van-city n' crunck his asian ass

See j


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