What is Cuh?


1.Cuzz; short for cousin. Used to refer to a person as your friend/homie. Commonly used among southern gangster/ghetto individuals.

2. Word used by members of gangs Crips, and Folk nation, talking to another member.

1.Yo, what's up, Cuh?

2.Yo, cuh. We need to buss a cap in these slobz.

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Cuh is someone you can relate to on a "street" level. Similar to cousin, in that it can represent your cousin or someone of that type of close-knit relationship. However, it should not be used with those you are not familiar with or theirs a high percentage chance that you'll get murked.

1. "Yall better watch yo self cuh because yo shit is broke as hell mayne."

2. Q: "Wass good cuh?" A: "Same Dawww, thats straight cuh."

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home skillet biscuit aka best friend

whats up cuh??

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cuttin' up hookers apparel

"im gonna go pick up some new CUH gear."

"did you see that cuttin' up hookers shirt that says "what up cuh?"

"cuttinuphookers has some sweet CUH merch"

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used by gang members meaning their "cuz" or cousin, someone who is close to you, or a family member, never used by white folkz

ramin: yo waddap cuHHH

chris: aye yo cuh, nothing much cuH just chillin

ramin: thats tight cuHhHHH

chris: shiiiiiiiiii CuHhHHHh

See Chris


cousin, cuz, someone who is close to you or your cousin,

used by gang members, known as the CRIPS they call each other "cuh"

ramin: ey waddap cuHHH

chris: AYE YO CUH, nm cuH chillin

ramin: that's tight cuH

chris: yea cuHHhhhHHHH


word said by black people and/or gangsters to express the relationship of family. Brother is to bro as cousin is to cuh

yo cuh dats mah herb


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