What is Cumikazi?


a person who would like to kill another human being by way of shooting their jizz at another person. oftentimes, this only grosses the person out and causes them to become very angry. in the jizzee's rage, they will probably kill the jizzer.

the cumikazi ended up getting his ass beaten so hard that he cried like a little girl.

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When fellatio is being performed by a woman hesitant to ingest, the male pulls out at the moment of ejaculation and blasts the left eye of the wench, screaming CUMIKAZI!

I dear Jane'd Francisella by using the Cumikazi maneuver

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n. A woman or homo male who sucks so much dick that they almost drown with cum.

That loyal gook girlfriend of yours sucked my dick so much that she should be called a cumikazi.

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