Cunning Linguist

What is Cunning Linguist?


A clever play on words to use in place of the word cunnilingus. The first play on words being of the similar sound, one who thinks a bit more about it will realize a "cunning linguist" would be someone who is skilled at speaking, implying the mouth, thus, someone skilled with their mouth.

Hey Suzie, my friends say I am quite the cunning linguist


A clever reference to the word cunnilingus that implys a man who is quick with the tongue. (P.S. click on this highlighted word cunnilingus go get the joke.)

Man, your husband sure is a cunning linguist!


(1) A person who is a clever speaker and/or writer and/or singer.

(2) Slang for pussy eater as it sounds like "cunnilingus".

If you can become a master of BOTH definitions of cunning linguist, women will throw themselves at you in order to sit on your face, and will gladly return the favor with some great oral and/or pole riding.

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The term "cunning linguist" is a clever play on the word cunnilingus. It is clever for 3 reasons:

1) "Cunning linguist" simply sounds astonishingly similar to cunnilingus.

2) Whoever discovered the phrase "cunning linguist" certainly was one.

3) A "cunning linguist" would have a dexterous mouth, aiding him or her in the act of cunnilingus.

This word play is a triple whammy!

The cunning linguist was adept at cunnilingus and inventing clever phrases.

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Juxtaposition of letters creating words indicating either a clever talker or a sexual act that is, perhaps, preceded by that very same clever banter. Most women, I think, probably prefer a "cunning linguist" in more ways than one.

BTW, my old softball team, Cypress, California, was named the cunning linguists, and we "licked" most of our competition.

Robert spoke so many languages, had a such a gift with words, and was so handsome that women would practically throw themselves on the hood of his 740i after each game. He was a prime example of a cunning linguist.

Julian McMahon played the part of a cunning linguist on the TV show "Nip/Tuck".

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cunning linguist (n). one who's quick with the tongue.

Women love nothing more than a good cunning linguist

See C


1)Somebody who advocates licking the pussy.

2)A glib talker who gets into women's pants.

3)Foreplay talk.

4)My old softball team in Cypress, CA, the Cunning Linguists.

Robert was a cunning linguist with a big bat.


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