Cunt Bag

What is Cunt Bag?


Shithead, vicious, evil person that represents a manifestation of all that is wrong with the world... The ultimate worst insult that you can use to describe your friends...

That bitch is such a cuntbag!!!!!!


one who is snide, evil, and annoying.

See my coworker


Alternatively spelled without space (Cuntbag)

Where some one behaves in such a cunt like manner it is not possible to brand them a "cunt" sing. they are a whole bag full of them. Therefore a "cunt bag"

Cunt: Erro i like pie and penetration. I take it that you do also?

You: What a cunt.

Cunt: Has a spaz attack to try to be funny

You: What a cunt bag...

See steven, cuntbag, cunt bag


The female condom.

Before having sex, Julie inserted her cunt bag.


A bag of vagina.

(cunt is slang for vagina)

Simon: You're a cunt bag!

See cunt, bag, of, a, it, woman


a gross vagina covered in warm diherra.

safaree frenk safaree frenk safaree frenk

safaree frenk is a cunt bag.

See cunt, bag, covered, vagina


a bag of assorted cunts

Jimmy take that knife and cut the cunts off those bitches put em in a sack, then hit me with the cunt bag.

See clam bag, seafood platter


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