D 12

What is D 12?


The Dirty Dozen



A twelve sided die, usually yellow and the most infrequently used of the D&D dice set.

Pass me the D 12, my barbarian just got a level up.

See d4, d6, d8, d10, d20


A 12-sided die, used to calculate herds of buffalo and a barbarian's damage in Dungeons and Dragons.

"And I roll 1 D 12 for my herd of buffalo. Pwn'd."

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Is code word for when you have to take a crap so big that you almost knock the toilet off of it's moorings.

I gotta go D 12, get me another beer.

See jumpers


possibly the gayest rap band know on the face of earth or any other inhabitated planet in the universe

D 12's frontman,eminem, really wishes he was black.

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