D Matic

What is D Matic?


The hardest rapper on Californias Central Coast. He never really started rapping until he got locked up for 6 months in Tulare County for HS11359 and HS11590, wich are Health and Saftey code violations for Sales of a Controlled Substance and Sales of Marijuana, both of wich are felonys. It was then that he began rapping and learning to freestyle. After serving his 280 day sentence he wrote a ridiculous amount of songs and has since started writing shit with other up and coming underground rappers, most of whom are from the 559, and the 805. He was notorious in the County Jail for his hard core raps. On top of all of that he was also kicked out of the Marine Corps after his 4 years of service for failing 2 urinanalysis's for THC.

Jason: Hey man, you hear D Matic spit lines yet?

Brandon: I don't even know who that is, but I've been hearing a lot of people talking about how he dissed Pitbull and 50 Cent.

Jason: That fool's coming up, he needs to get his shit together and hurry up and make some CD's.

Brandon: He has bad ass rhymes, but they aint gonna do him a damn bit of good if he doesn't record that shit with a beat.

Jason: You gotta respect the fact that he's holdin it down for the Central Coast though.

Brandon: Props for that.

See rapper, 805


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