D 9 Os

What is D 9 Os?


D 9 Os is a gang in pensacola formally in between B st. and D st. K st. is are rivals we brutally murder all K st. niggaz for life never disrespect our sanction. our flag colors are white w/ black or dark blue dots. 9 point star look on images to see wat it look like you might see it again on the news. we already spread to alabama, mississippi, south carolina, and georgia.

D's golding K's folding

D's killing K's kneeling

D's fucking K's knocking

K's lying D's flying

king kong for lyfe(K.K.)

kill all donkey kongs (D.K.)

D street Dominator


done like those ten points. D 9 Os hate all ten point stars

See gangs, florida, pensacola, life


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