D Town

What is D Town?


Tha D is Detroit. D Town is Dallas. I live in Detroit and the new song about Detroit says it all. You can listen to it hear.

Thats not D Town. We do have Hockey Town though. I bet there are some arguments about that too.

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nickname for the city of DETROIT, Michigan

Hey, you wanna go to d town and see the tiger's game tomorrow?

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a city in michigan

Bill:"Hey Jafar, how bout them detroit pistons?"

Jafar:"Dude its not detroit its d town. get it right bitch. but yah they're fuckin sweet."

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SLANG FOR DALLAS TEXAS!!!!!! DETROIT we call u "tha d" as in your a state.. in texas d-town "TOWN" is Dallas! 214 bby its all right cuz i represent the triple D

D town stay down all day dallas texas.

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Slang for Dallas, TX

D-Town hol it down til i die BITCH!!!


Slang for Denver Colorado

I headed to d town. The real d town.

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a slang term representing Dinnington, England.

I say, tis a jolly good day to take a stroll through d town.

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