Da Burg

What is Da Burg?



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That would be St.Petersburg Fl, tha dirty south if ya dnt kno bout da burg ya dnt kno bout shit

ay nigga its goin down in da burg

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tha derrty bottom of tha map, St.Petersburg, FL!! rep tha bay! NEHI til I die.

Jordan: Yo cuz I'm comin' down to da burg 2nite for that Devils Rays game.

Smokey: Fo sho cuh, there's a keggar 2nite too, holla at me when ya reach da burg kid.

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Infamously known as the southside of Saint Petersburg, Florida. Most other states that have a city who's name ends with a "burg" sound such as Pittsburgh try to use the name "da burg" but it orgionated in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Craig: whats good cuz, where the weed at?

JJ:We can go on oak street but I heard Da Burg got that fire!! Lets go there!

Craig:Whoa Whoa, You mean Saint Petersburg??


Craig: You mean the southside Saint Petersburg??

JJ: Yea whats the problem??

Craig: You can go by your damn self , them dudes is wild down there!!!

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Pittsburgh, PA

Hey, yinz goin' down to da burg an 'at for the Steelers game?

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Harrisburg, PA, a hardcore city known for having a lot of drugs, money, bitches, and guns.

Niggaz come to da burg thinkin' their shit's sweet, niggaz leave from da burg in bags or six feet deep.

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Newburgh, NY

I'm goin down to da burg to find me some chickenheads!

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