What is Dada, Eminem Clothing?


Brands of clothing striving to emulate the "thug life" popularised by American hip-hop and rap music, though failing in its attempt. It is made of cheap polyester and is often termed "coke bottle wear" as it appears to be made out of melted down plastic coke bottles which were then woven into clothing, hence the shiny appearance.

Wearers are generally termed "white trash", "chavs" or "ferals" depending on your country of origin (USA, Britain, Australia, respectively), but all meanings are interpretted the same.

The average Dada wearer has an IQ which as a rule will not extend metaphorically past the first knuckle of the extended hand, or room temperature, whichever is less (metric system).

Vocabulary varies widely though the terms "ay", "fuck" (often used as adjective), "dole", "welfare" and "child support" are universal in all areas.

The majority of Dada wearers are white, although ironically enough they strive to be like black rappers who have popularised the style of clothing. This has led to their branding as wiggas.

Many if not all listen to Eminem and beleive him to be the be all and end all of "white trash" society, much as Jesus Christ was the Messiah to the Christian religion.

The means of transport for the majority of ferals is the VN Commodore (Australia) or the Chevy Camaro (USA)(usually accompanied by a mullet). The VN Commodore is very low to the ground, due to constantly having a "carload" in the back in case that Grandma with her shopping who happened to glance at the "feral" gives him the wrong kind of look and it is required of the aforementioned "feral" to "fuck her up" in order to assert his "gangsta" image and gain inches in the pants region.

Staple diet is marijuana and junk food, which ultimately leads to poor health and death at an early age from malnutrition, though this unfortunately has had no effect on population numbers as an established colony ("trailer park", "housing trust establishment",)can reproduce at an exponential rate in a warm environment and with the incentive of higher child support payments.

All Dada wearers are rough mannered and fighty, looking for a physical confrontation at any opportunity so as to be able to express their "gangsta" abilities and prove themselves as {sic} "tough cunts". Logic is very simple and one can usually avoid a fight by throwing any thing made of or resembling cannabis behind the advancing "feral" and proceeding to retreat in the opposite direction while the "feral" searches for the cannabis like Gollum for the One Ring.

Only known cure for "feralism" and the wearing of Dada clothing is 6 years of hard labour in a Gulag where they are subjected to harsh beatings and inhospitable weather. This way the feral repays his debt to society, for being scum and a burden on everyone around him. 6 years is generally necessary in order for the low IQ "feral" to realise he is scum and begin on the road to pennance and perhaps re-acceptance into civilised society where he is held on probation for 3 years. After this period he is a free man.

(The masculine term is used here however, their do exist equal amounts of female "ferals" or "skanks".)

"Fuck I'm sick of these fucking wannabe Eminem ferals walking around in their fucking "Coke bottle wear" Dada shirts advertising the fact that they are scum. They act like fucking rednecks, drive VN Commodores and attend our parties for the sole purpose of starting fights. Lets bring back Stalinist purges until we are rid of these glitches in the fucking Matrix"


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