Dadonkadonk Butt

What is Dadonkadonk Butt?


A butt so large and juicy, but yet thick and strong. It is like that of a large wild animal. From the root Native American word "Tatonka", meaning large bull.

As "Tatonka" was used in the movie dances with wolves, Dadonkadonk is the only word needed to communicate between cultures.

"Dadonkadonk? Dadonkadonk!!! Dadonkadok...dadonkadonk"

See Anne


A really fat ass.

Damn! Look at the dadonkadonk butt on that bitch! You could hide a whole turkey in dem cheeks!


an abnormally large posterior on a woman, preferably one that shakes profusely when running.

man, what i need is a woman with a dadonkadonk butt


from the sound it makes when she walks

see thick

a good thing

"da donk, da donk, da donk, da donk"


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